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Through sport, education, and therapy, ACE empowers children in impoverished areas. ACE helps them reach their maximum potential, break social barriers, and provides the necessary tools for youth to develop both mentally and physically in order to make foundational changes in their future and future of their countries.

A travers le sport, l'éducation et la psychotérapie, ACE donne de la force aux enfants dans différentes aréas.

Favela experience

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Favela Experience is a for-profit social enterprise that provides culturally immersive tours and cultural experiences to travellers, students and volunteers in favelas, Brazil’s most fascinating urban communities.

Favela inc contents producer

Favela Inc incubates and accelerates favela based ecosystems by empowering and educating local entrepreneurs and organizations into the gamechangers of tomorrow. We are an NGO that provides favela entrepreneurs, non-profits and social projects with high level capacity building in the areas of project management, financial education, digital marketing and English.

nova era

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Nova Era is a vibrant, community-based space, designed to cultivate innovation and knowledge where travelers can thrive in their professional and personal journey. It is based in Vidigal, a well known favela in Rio de Janeiro.